Dr. Daniel Engelen

Patentanwalt, European Patent Attorney
European Trademark and Design Attorney

Dr. Daniel Engelen is a German and European patent attorney and a professional representative before the European Union Intellectual Property Office and has more than 10 years of experience in the field of intellectual property. He advises and assists national and international clients, in particular medium-sized companies and multinational corporations, with regard to patents, utility models, trademarks and designs from worldwide filing (prosecution) to worldwide enforcement (litigation) and in all other areas of intellectual property.

In the enforcement of intellectual property rights, for example in China, he has on several occasions played a major role in on-site inspections of patent-infringing mechanical equipment together with Chinese judges. Due to his profound technical understanding, Daniel focuses on technical intellectual property rights in addition to biological, biotechnological and chemical intellectual property rights from drafting to granting and also nationally and internationally in infringement proceedings.

Memberships in associations and organizations

Patent Attorneys Bar Association (Patentanwaltskammer), Federal Association of German Patent Attonreys, EPI, GRUR, VPP, AIPPI

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