Employment Law

We advise and represent both employers and employees in all employment law matters. This includes in particular termination of employment contracts by notice of termination or by agreements regulating settlements and further details related to the termination of employment. Our consultation and representation also encompasses enforcing the continuance of employment relationships, the law in regards to the supply of temporary workers, the continued payment of remuneration, payment in lieu of holiday and the increasingly problematic aspect of mobbing.

Our consulting and representation services also cover the area of employee inventions.

We advise in the field of the Employees' Representation Act. This includes negotiating and concluding company agreements, conducting works council elections and assessing the rights and obligations of works council members.


Responsible Attorneys at Law:

Volker Beck
Phone: +49(0)89 30 30 51
Fax: +49(0)89 300 97 06
Email: volker.beck@bsb-law.de
Hans-Gerhard Beck
Phone: +49(0)89 30 30 51
Fax: +49(0)89 300 97 06
Email: gerd.beck@bsb-law.de