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Responsible for the contents of this website:

Attorneys at Law
Almut Bühling and Volker Beck
Schellingstr. 42
80799 München/Munich


BSB Patentanwälte Schütte & Engelen Partnerschaft mbB
vertreten durch
Dr.-Ing. Hartmut Schütte und Dr Daniel Engelen
Am Markt 10
59302 Oelde
AG Essen

The Attorneys at Law are admitted to the bar in the Federal Republic of Germany, and are members of the Munich bar association.

The Patent Attorney is a member of the Patent Attorneys Association in Munich.

The occupational titles Attorney at Law and Patent Attorney were awarded in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The following fee schedules and codes of ethics, available on the information page of the federal bar association (, apply to the Attorneys at Law.
- Federal Code for the Legal Profession (BRAO)
- Code of Ethics for lawyers (BORA)
- Specialized Lawyers Regulation (FAO)
- Lawyers' Compensation Act (RVG)
- Codes of Ethics for acts of European lawyers in Germany (CCBE)

The Code of Ethics for the Patent Attorneys is available on the information page of the Patent Attorneys Association Code for Patent Attorneys (PAO) ( applies to the patent attorneys.

The tax numbers according to Section 17a of the Sales Tax Act (UStG) are

144/172/40285 (Almut Bühling, Attorney at Law)

304/5963/4807 (BSB Patentanwälte Schütte & Engelen Partnerschaft mbB)

144/133/70656 (Volker Beck, Attorney at Law)